TO Resources
Below is a growing list of resources that you will find helpful while building your team:
Important links for everything your need
Use this calculator to determine your earnings and bonus potential as a territory owner
Fill out this form to get new AEs CRM access (you'll be CCed on the email credentials sent to your AE)
Job posting and initial LinkedIN outreach message for Account Executives
Powerpoint template to follow when doing your pitch to AEs
Script to follow when doing your pitch to AEs
Training support document for AEs
Merchant AE video training
Group AE video training
Day by day milestones to hold AEs to in order to achieve success
A week by week review of what it takes to achieve Tier 1
Click here to begin the Leadership Series of Pro Training
Use these assets, icons, logos, etc. for any printing, social media, etc. promotions you wish to create
Includes all necessary files and suggested places to purchase your merchant consumables (window sticker/counter display)
Leaderboard that TOs can use for their daily leadership calls
Use these templates as a guideline for the agendas on your 1-1s with your direct reports
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